When Should I Book My Flight?

Now that we have established how to apply for a passport, next we’ll be discussing when you should book your flight. Booking flights is a shot in the dark sometimes. Should I book directly from the airline? Should I use a search engine like Expedia? When should I book?

I’m not going to guarantee answers to all of these questions in this post. But I’ll do my best.

First of all, I found this great video from Sonia’s Travels where she discusses travel tips for new graduates, specifically how to find cheap flights.

What do you think of the studies she discusses in this video? Sonia spends some time discussing the 3-7 week “perfect window” where prices for flights are about as good as they’re going to get. From my past (limited) experience, I can judge this to be true.

Secondly, I found a USA Today article which discusses steps for booking an international flight. Key highlights from this article include:

  • Applying for your passport early (which we discussed last week!)
  • Go directly to the page of the airline you wish to travel with to see if they offer international flights. As the article notes, “Many U.S. airlines offer direct international flights, or partner with other airlines that offer international flights.”
  • Using a service like Vayama (a search engine which specializes in international travel) will allow you to see a complete list of airlines that offer flights to your destination. Other international flight search engine include Fareline International, Globester, and One Travel.
  • When you decide to book a flight, make sure the name that you enter is exactly the same as how it appears on your passport. It’s too easy. Don’t get in trouble for something like this.

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