New Page for the Blog and an Update

We’re rapidly approaching the end of the semester here in Colorado. I was reading through some of the earlier posts from this semester the other day, and it was so fun to look back at the beginning of this blog.

I realized that in my first post on this blog, I mentioned structuring these posts in two parts: an update on my life, and then a themed post. As the semester quickly became busy, the more personal sections of my posts fell to the wayside.

Life has been good. I’m a junior in college now, and this is my second semester at this particular school. Being a transfer student and attempting to study abroad is difficult. You’ve got multiple transcripts, and you’ve got way less time to work through general ed classes, let alone major requirements.

I went to some info sessions. I started a couple of applications. I chose some classes that I thought would be enjoyable to have abroad. But then, life got in the way (as it often does).

About halfway through the semester, I heard of an opportunity for a leadership position working with transfer students. As someone who is vocal about how pleasantly surprised she was at her transfer process, I was immediately torn between wanting to help other students have the same kind of experience and going abroad.

A nagging thought entered my mind: “I’m just getting settled in here…do I want to go abroad already?”

I applied for the job. I interviewed. I got it.

Study abroad is not out of the picture for me. Being a Journalism major, it is strongly encouraged for me to go abroad at some point in my undergraduate years. Its just been delayed slightly.

On another note, keep an eye out in the upcoming few weeks for a new page on the blog. I’ll be uploading a Prezi which will be examining statistics about study abroad and the current state of study abroad globally.


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