1. Decide which program is right for you

Relevant resources:, CIEE, API,IES, Education Abroad at Colorado State University

2. Financialphobia

Relevant resources: FAFSA, Myths and Realities of Financing Study Abroad, Study Abroad Scholarships, GoFundMe, Student Financial Services at Colorado State University

3. Getting a recommendation letter

Relevant resources: Tips for Writing a Study Abroad Letter of Recommendation, A Sample Letter of Recommendation

4. How to apply for a passport

Relevant resources: Apply for a new passport, Passport Acceptance Facility search page

5. When should I book my flight?

Relevant resources: Expedia, How to Book an International Flight

6. Managing your finances

Relevant resources: Google Finance Currency Converter, Creating a budget for study abroad, International Student Identity Card

7. Travel insurance

Relevant resources: Nomadic Matt, World Nomads, International Travel Insurance Calculator

8. A guide for languages

Relevant resources: Duolingo, Rosetta Stone


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